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Why you should have maternity photos done.

Maternity photos go beyond a “bump”.  This is a new life you’re carrying.  This is a new chapter in your life. This is a celebration for you and your new family.  This is one of those times you should say,

                                                               “This is a moment that is worth freezing.  

                                                                This is a moment I never want to forget.

                                               This is a life altering time that I may never have again.”

This is the time to come to Bree Adams Photography so we can pamper you and give you exactly the photo you are imagining.

                                    Aisha Nebworn Parent--11    Aisha Nebworn Parent--7    Aisha Nebworn Parent--5


                        “My maternity session with Bree was AMAZING!! I never did anything like this with my other two pregnancies and
                         I am kicking myself that I didn’t! The hair and makeup session really gets you into a glamorous mood. Then Bree 
                          starts your session, guiding you every step of the way.  Never once did I feel silly or embarrassed. I felt empowered 
                          and beautiful….sexy even(at 37 weeks pregnant those feelings don’t come easy!)!! The images that Bree captured were 
                          truly stunning! Thank you so very much Bree and Lola! I highly recommend Bebe Charm Photography for any woman
                          looking to have beautiful, captivating and stunning images to treasure a lifetime!     Thank you!  – Angie Harrick


This is the year of Maternity at Bree Adams Photography.  This is the year that I want each of my uncomfortable, belly growing mamas to realize how beautiful that belly is and how magical this time really is – even when we do not feel beautiful, sexy or mildly attractive.  There is nothing more magical for your children than the story of THEM and how special they are.  Capturing the moment of “That’s you in mommy’s tummy” is precious.  Capturing how beautiful you are while expecting your baby is one of my specialties.  There is nothing that completes your baby’s newborn image book like the photos of you and dad excited and anxiously awaiting for them.

I went a bit mad searching for ways to make my mothers feel that beauty and not end up with the traditional, boring maternity sessions we have grown accustomed too. As a Christmas gift to myself and you I found the most unique and beautiful maternity wear to capture not just that perfect belly of yours, but to capture the amazing beauty of YOU.  It is not just about the belly, but about you feeling beautiful and proud.  Every mother should get maternity photos from Bebe Charm Photography and here is why:

You will only be pregnant a few times (if that) in your entire life.  Even if you do not feel glamorous and beautiful, Bebe Charm can easily draw out the beauty, love and feminity of your pregnancy.

I will be the first to say I did not feel my most beautiful during my pregnancy.  In fact, I would say I was the WORST pregnant woman ever.  After having lost four pregnancies (including my first born son’s twin), no one was more thrilled to be expecting than me.  However, pregnancy had me sick as a dog – all the way to my eighth month.  I had beautiful skin my entire life until that first baby.  My skin went crazy and looked like a teenager’s worst nightmare, and I went from a tiny 102 pound girl to getting stage 4 pitting edema and gainnig 60 lbs with that first son of mine.  I only felt beautiful for a brief 3 week period. I always felt sick, and I was heartbroken and felt guilty that someone who should be THRILLED and enjoying pregnancy and worked so hard to carry a baby was miserable.

But although I felt awful and felt I looked awful, the bigger picture was I was carrying my first HEALTHY son.  It was a miracle.  While I looked in a mirror and saw only a faint glimmer of what I felt was beautiful, I knew my belly was  special and I would miss the kicks and the hiccups and this time of having my baby boy all to myself. I never had maternity photos done.  I never thought about it until after he was born and it was too late.  Sexy?  HA! I can’t say I really ever felt sexy either.  I waddled.  My face felt full and my feet were sausages.  I know now that was all exaggerated in my mind.  My husband did look at me different.  It was more endearing and sweet, and that was sexy.

                                           IMG_7376 F   IMG_7405    IMG_7289 S

My specialty as a skilled professional is capturing THAT beauty even when it is even hidden from you.

First, we will pamper you with full hair and makeup.  My licensed hair and makeup artist will ensure that you look your best for these amazing photos.
Second, as a skilled Certified Professional Photographer I will make you feel comfortable and confident while I pose your perfectly for the most beautiful and jaw dropping photos. I have had many moms feel doubts when booking their maternity.  I have NEVER had one leave with any emotion but THRILLED!

                                                                      Before and after

Photographs freeze the memory for all time.

There is nothing that can bring back a specific moment in time like the perfect photograph.  Moments come and go.  Past feelings become faint and time marches on.  But gazing at the photo of “that moment” that can never be recaptured for that child and that is priceless.  A photograph is worth a thousand words, and it never stops speaking.  Having a professional take your photograph captures the moment in a special way.  At Bebe Charm we customize the session to you and what you want to embody in that session. Couples come to us with a deeper love with their new baby on the way. Siblings come with nervous and excited anticipation for this unknown little person moving in. Some families are wanting to capture the first pregnancy; others want to immortalize the last pregnancy.  Each person is unique in what they want and Bebe Charm is who they trust.

                       IMG_4207  IMG_4218 copy   IMG_4210 copy

Hiring Bebe Charm is photography at a higher level.

I would never say a photo at home does not hold sentimental value, but I will say there is a HUGE difference when hiring Bebe Charm Photography. Working with Bree will elevate the quality and emotion of your photo from a snap shot to a work of art.  Your photographer, Bree Adams, has won multiple awards on an international level for her client portraits and has been featured on the cover or Professional Photographers of America Magazine in May 2015.

Bree Adams is one of less than 10% of CPPs (Certified Professional Photographers) in the nation.

What is a CPP?
A CPP is licensed professional photographer who has completed the very rigorous and detailed process of being formally tested on both their technical abilities and submitting their photos to a panel of Master Photographers to be approved as a true professional. The CPP process has a 70% fail rate among photographers who enter the program. In the photography industry it can be difficult to tell who is an experienced photographer and who is a hobbyist.

A CPP has taken the time to earn the CPP license not only to prove their skill set to the top photographers in the industry, but as a way for clients to KNOW you did not just hire someone with a nice camera.  You have hired one of the best in the industry. Bree Adams has the ability to masterfully pose you, perfectly light you, and create a work of art that can only be done with expertise.  You WILL love your photos.

                            IMG_6141 F   IMG_6104 F   IMG_6152

How are we making this our “Mama Mia” year?

To bring maternity photography to a fresh new level we have scoured and searched and stocked our studio with the most amazing maternity gowns, wraps, dresses, skirts and tops.  While some moms have specific outfits that want to wear, we know some also want to step outside of the box and do something different and fun.  There are so many beautiful ways to capture that belly and break out of the “boring old maternity photo box.”  We have a full wardrobe of choices that flatter, compliment and help you shine your brightest.  Our maternity sessions are high fashion “all about you” pampered sessions and we would love to capture that with you!

             IMG_4242    IMG_4235   IMG_4246

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