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Newborn Sessions – What to expect

Newborn sessions require extra time and special skills. Safety is first in my studio. My techniques NEVER compromise your baby’s safety. Newborn shoots average 2-4 hours. It all depends on the baby. Just like us, each baby has a specific temperament and personality. While some little ones go right to sleep, others take a bit longer to get the magical photos.

 I prefer that young siblings not stay for the entire shoot. Newborn sessions concentrate on the new baby and it takes a great deal of time and QUIET to get baby into “the zone” where they let me play and create their art. I traditionally photograph siblings at the very beginning of each session and then have them leave to complete the shoot.

 I focus on your bebe’s natural skin. Clothing is generally too big and distracting. If you have special hats, christening gowns or items you want photographed we can discuss the best way to use them.

I ask that all moms, even breastfeeding, bring a bottle and pacifier to the session so that we may soothe them when needed. The less mom handles the baby the better. Your little one is very sensitive to your smell and touch, and quite often mom’s close presence wakes the little one and limits what can be done in a session.