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Bellies and Babies Intensive Boot Camp 

Limited to 8 Photographers

October 5th, 6th and 7th,  2017

$1500 – 4 openings remaining.

REBORN is an intensive 2 day event that will teach you how to take your newborn/maternity business to the next level of posing, marketing and PROFITING!  REBORN is about reinventing or exelerating where you are to where you want to be with sales and skills.

Bree’s first two years in business she was a shoot and burn photographer selling her full session for an $85 disk.  It did not take long to realize that there was more to having a photography business than selling cheap images to the masses.  Bree has spent years mastering lighting, posing, marketing and reinventing her studio and her reputation.  Bree used to be the cheapest photographer on the block.  Now she is a fully booked and highly profitable professional studio that clients seek out.  Bree’s personal client average is $4000.  This bootcamp will be giving you every part of her studios successful formula.

What is included in this bootcamp?   The entire recipe.

Marketing- Have you ever wondered why some of the most mediocre photographers can be wildly popular with high prices while skilled photographers struggle to book a client?

You can take the most amazing and beautiful images imaginable but if you are not marketing to the right client or reaching your target audience your effort is lost.  Understanding how to market and get a regular stream of clients contacting you and excited to book.  Bree will share ALL of her marketing strategies.  Where she markets, what she spends, how she words ads and WHY.

Posing and lighting – Nail the shot for maternity and newborn!  Anyone can pick up a camera and take a picture.

Maternity– Learn how to make this an unbelievable experience for your client starting with hair and makeup and wardrobe.  Choosing the right outfits and incredible lighting and posing to capture mom in a way no one else has in her most “self conscious” stage. You will learn the art of connecting and capturing your maternity client in a way she will will never forget.

Newborn-  It takes an understanding of light, skin and baby’s flexibility to get the images that stand out from others.  Understanding how to work with different baby’s temperaments and how to transition them each step into the perfect photograph.  Textures, shadows, highlights and a relaxed baby is a learned skill and a craft.  We will work through actual newborn sessions from start to finish to show you how to get the most from each baby and fill a beautiful gallery that the clients wants ALL OF THEM. This is about workflow and capturing the most you can from each little client.

Pricing-  The number one question asked is “How much should I charge?  How do I determine my pricing?

As with any recipe, the final ingredient can make or break you.  If you are not charging enough to be profitable you will not survive.  We are in business to support our families.  We are also in business for ourselves to be a profitable business to ENRICH our families and our time with them.  If you are not charging enough to sustain your studio AND have time for your family, you are simply doing it wrong.  If you are not making a profit, you are running a hobby and not a business.

Bree will teach how she she maintains a steady flow of income, how she prices and why.  She will teach you the art of the sale and how she educates her clients on the value of her prices and products.

Products and Sales-  How do I get my clients off the cheap digital roller coaster?

Having sold only disks for the terrible price of $85 and moving ALL her clients to products with a combination of digital has created a “HYBRID” model that gives the clients the best of both worlds.  You will learn the products we offer, see them in person, how we price them and WHY clients love them!  You will learn how to make the clients happy YOUR WAY.

Post Processing – After the workshop we will have an online editing class to show how Bree chooses, culls and edits for the most successful client gallery. Bree will edit images take during the actual workshop.  You can edit your own as you follow along.  Her actions and textures and templates will be included.

Pre-ConsultBree will review your current website, Facebook and pricing guide to get a clear understanding of where your business model is and how to take it to the next level. While this is a small group learning experience the goal is to still meet the individual needs of each attendee.

If you would like to attend this group workshop please email us through the CONTACT US link on this site.